Decode 2024 Fashion Trends & Be Outstanding with Beige

"Decode 2024 Fashion Trends & Be Outstanding with Beige". Summer is almost over, and the new fall season asks for a sartorial wardrobe shift. A call for a fresh start and a swap to fall wardrobe. This blog gives some fashion trends you need to be aware of, to express your style timelessly.

Considering the Pakistani fall season, where mornings are sunny and nights are cold, one needs to have an outfit that is suitable for both. The one in all the collections you need this November. Here are a few forever chic fall combinations to need to get:

Blue and White, a Match made in Heaven

The go-to solution to every outing, the off-white wide leg trousers topped with a solid blue coloured collared baggy shirt with white sneakers is the perfect choice for a sunny November morning. Where you can cover up with a front open shrug or a light cardigan if you feel cold at night.

The Evergreen Safari Dress

No season can pass by without having a long safari dress, does it? A wardrobe essential everyone needs to have for every season.

This green long collared shirt, with hemmed buttoned long sleeves for a sleek look, a beautiful slit on the sides offering ease of movement and the classy square pockets on the front paired with subtle jewelry and ankle boots is the new classy look you need to adopt.

The Black and White Combo

Have a meeting and lunch on the same day? Worried to get the ideal outfit suitable for both? This combination will save your day. Pair up a slim fit black cotton bell bottoms with a tucked in white flowy relaxed shirt giving a regal vibe. Kill the look with black pointy heels and a sleek ponytail with link chain and a cute pendant.

Once done with the meeting, style your shirt in a casual manner, take a corner of your shirt out and leave the rest tucked in, roll up the cuffs and accessories it with a brown leather bag and sunglasses.

Coordinate with Co-Ords

This new trendy two-piece top bottom Co-Ord set, known to be the effortless outfit that hit the spotlight due its comfort, ease, convenience and outclass appeal. Attain a sleek stylish look with minimal effort, by having these as a wardrobe staple. The versatility of this iconic attire allows you to dress up, accessories according to the occasion be it a casual outing, a friend’s meetup or a business meeting, this hassle-free option harmonizes each other perfectly. Master the co-Ord look and create a fashion forward ensemble by redefining your style. The classy must haves you need to add to your closet:

Shrug it: All Right!

One-piece dresses go well with shrugs, a comfy look can be made with a splendid combination or a white onesie or a monochromatic wide leg trousers topped with a tacked it tank top, finishing the look by layering up with a flared shrug is the new “cool” look. You can go from a morning cool look to a stunning night look by styling this with a woolen long ankle length shrug, adding a new dimension to the look. This blue multi floral printed front open shrug with a timeless combination of wide leg loose bottoms and a tank top will excite your look.

You can always style your fit with other florals and bottoms that compliments the look:

Must-have Bottoms for a Voguish Look

A fruitful investment in trendy wardrobe collections can sort your everyday dress problems, and quicken up the process of getting ready, making you be on time. You can make countless outfits with the right bottoms. So make sure to have trendy, diverse, comfy and sophisticated bottom wear. From cool to classy, you can tastefully represent your style.

The best part is that bottoms can be worn multiple times by pairing them up with various combos and creating a new look each time. So always be through when choosing a bottom wear that fit checks your vibe. These are some quirky, classy options you can purchase and elevate your style game.

  • Wide Legged Trousers

The peachy wide legged trousers, with a classy belt loops waistband, and two side pockets is a dream come true. Because Who doesn't want side pockets?. Blend these up with countless number of option, you can style with black, white, mustard yellow, brown, light grey and beige shirts. 

  • Universal White Bottoms

The pants everyone should own, the baggy wide legged trousers, that come in various fabric designs, from unique patterns to plain. The universal pants that go with every color existing in the universe. Who knew “white” could be such an advantage for your wardrobe.

  • Your Go-To Work Pants

Slim fit dress pants are a necessity for every working woman. While looking for work pants ensure they are stretchy, lightweight, durable fabric, comfortable ang machine washable pants. For a presentation go for zippered pants, though it's hard to find pull on pants, but they can be your everyday choice. You can style them using the business casual code with tucked in dress shirts, tank top with blazers, and a V-neck undershirt paired with button down denim jacket. Don't forget to accessories and get ready to make the heads turn.

From plain to chequered all patterns will take your style to new heights

Fusing Eastern with Western

The Asians can't miss an opportunity to blend their cultural style with the western trends, do they? The oh-so funky outfit choice is everyone's favorite. From teens to adults, this is one outfit who everyone experiments with either consciously or unconsciously. But the best thing about it is, it never looks bad no matter what tunic style you've paired up your western bottoms. Here are some quirky options you can pick:

Long dress: A Never Ending Fashion Trend

Every girl becomes obsessed with long dresses once in a lifetime. The imperial flared long tunics have been in fashion since the start of life. Till date it has been a choice of many. Certain dresses are considered special due to their cultural, modern, modest, and traditional aspects. This attire covers the whole body from top to bottom, but comes in various sizes and lengths depending on the person's choice. From party wear to picnics here are a few picks you need to style this season.

At the end of the day, you are the one who can make their outfit stand out by experimenting and incorporating all the elements to make it trendy and stylish. Learn to create a balanced look and add your personal style to it. Be confident and vibe with the look your inner designer created.