Countdown to Avail New Year Sale for these amazing looks

"Countdown to Avail New Year Sale" As the clock ticks towards a new beginning, pointing out at the end of yet another year, the excitement of a change overpasses the sadness of something leaving. After all, all one wants is to send the year off right, now don't they? Whether you celebrate it with your friends and family or decide to stay at home, no girl can begin a new year without suiting up into a diva, be it a fashionista queen look for a party or a cozy yet classic look for a movie night at home.

We've rounded up some amazing looks you can opt for because we know figuring out what to wear comes with a lot of pressure. Here is your saviour for the day, let this blog inspire your style and boost up your excitement as the clock strikes 12:00. So shop these ensembles inspired by the crazy cool trends of the blend of past and the present. Oh and you don't want to miss the most anticipated sale of the year, so visit us in-store or online and upgrade your winter wardrobe with the new year sale.

Easy-peasy and oh-so chic looks from the new year sale

You can make a statement look without putting an effort, because beige dresses are the perfect example of the easy-ready option. Below from the exotic sale, you will find all that you desire whether you're planning for a sleek boss lady look, or looking for an oversized casual look, from party wear to all, we have just the right picks for you. So go ahead, pick your fit from the new year sale, style it and make your new year's resolution styled in Beige.

Go Monochromatic

This pick is the style solution just for you. The monochromatic look that checks every box. The chic, fashion forward, low effort ensemble reigns supreme. This look has been known to be of the Royals, as it creates an illusion of strength and gives your appearance a taller look, which is no less than an added bonus. 

Begin with the basics and go all white from head to toe on this new years eve. A white turtleneck, high waisted wide legged trousers and the angelic outerwear is worth taking a risk. And most importantly don't ignore the glasses, because sometimes a matching frame adds that extra detail to pop up the look.


 Be Bold

Ring in the new year with a serendipitous way, by mixing eccentric bold colours and eye catching hues. Wear burgundy in style and try mixing it with your basics to give a new look to your festive plans. The beige’s opaque red purplish toned coat transmits elegance, confidence and passion. 


Play safe and style your burgundy outerwear with any of these colours i.e grey, black, khaki, navy and rust brown. You can pair up your coat with a tucked in knitted sweater, with either a straight jeans, long skirt or just a body fit long dress will do just perfect. 

The question that often pops while buying this colour is “would burgundy suit me?”. Well, who knew, it definitely will, because this hue knows how to flatter your features.


Cozy yet a classic look

Rust and white, although known to be the colours of fall, one thing they are famous for is the cozy vibe the look gives. The combo is a win-win outfit choice especially when it comes to winters. Take a white co-Ord and team it up with a cozy rust woolen cardigan. But this won't do unless you accessories it with a chain necklace and boots, and voila! you just got the perfect “lounging with friends at home” look. Simple, cozy yet a classic look you were looking for.


Size up with the baggy shirts

One of the most affordable comfy trending fashion choices, especially when you find them on sale, because why miss when you can get your hands on your favourite picks at a lesser price from the new year sale. Go big with the oversized baggy shirts because beauty standards have changed girlies. Whether it is a party or a lazy new year eve at home, the world revolves around prioritizing comfort over everything else. And one thing all girls can agree on is that baggy shirts make us feel free and happy. Here, we got some shabby ways to style oversized shirts just for you. 

  • Styling your baggy button down shirt by tucking one side while letting the other flow. You can always fold the arms if that's your style. 
  • However you decide to style it, be sure to pair it with fitted jeans or denims, because these do look fascinating when worn together. But remember to balance it by tucking it in or tying a loose knot at the waist. 
  • Jeans aren't the only thing you can pair it with. If you're a trouser person, you can always opt for the stylish look. A loose fitting, high waisted trousers can totally make a bold fashion statement for you. 
  • The shirts can be dressed up or down. One can always choose to layer it up to create a new look for every occasion. 
  • Oversized clothes can make you look bigger, if not styled the right way. So before adding them to your closet, make an effort on how it should be styled that would fit you well and compliment your body shape. 

So no more stressing over the outfit anymore. The oversized shirts can be worn to create a casual, comfy, sophisticated and a dressy look. Pair it up properly and mix and match to find the perfect combination, so you're good to go.


Suit it up to your style

Suit up? The question that comes to your mind when you hear a woman wearing a suit. Corroborate job, boss lady? It's true that this certain attire has traditionally been masculine, but happily that is no longer the case. Clothes no longer are gender based. One can style and dress up the way one wants. Whether it is a long dress or a suit, a girl knows how to rock every outfit she chooses to wear. 

So hop onto the trend and feel fabulous with the chic tropical grey striped classic suit from the new year sale. Wear a tucked in body fit shirt with the suit and complete your look with minimalistic elegant accessories and heels.

The banger of a look that never fails to make a style statement. Because it's one look that unapologetically demands attention, so why wait when you can buy it at a discounted price from the new year sale. So shop it right away and be proud when you wear it on new years eve.

Stay happy, girls!

Pick one fit from the blog to make your day amazing. Because we all know, dressing up good enough to get good IG pictures is one of the top ways to make your day. So even if it isn't a celebration, slip into your favourite outfit, so you’re ready for the photo ops. Hurry and shop your favourite from the new year sale to take your celebrations to another level.