Fashion Gone Loose with the Oversized Fashion Trends

The Oversized Fashion Trend is Straight From the 80s

The style is back and is having a major moment in the spotlight. No doubt the oversized fashion trends have come a long way since the 1980s. Loose pants and baggy shirts have taken over the latest fashion trends as they go beyond conventional clothing boundaries. Whether it's a lazy day at home or a hangout with friends, they prove to be the most functional and fashionable outfit. This attire works on a wide range of body types making the style a flexible option for everyone. Because the comfort it brings to our life is one, we all longed for.

Comfort & Style, All-in-One

These oversized fashion trends are the perfect blend of comfort and style and we have never been happier because it allows us to play around with different combinations. One can style it as is or can even layer it up with almost anything from trench coats to denim jackets. 

From shabby to sloppy styles, all work just perfect to get the desired look. The look not only emphasizes individuality and comfort but also boosts one’s confidence regardless of the body shape and structure. A balanced fashion choice that is appealing and exudes a cool vibe is loved by the masses.

Is it Worth Sizing Up?

One might wonder if these oversized fashion trends is suitable for everyone, well as much as everyone wants to hop onto the trend, anyone can pull it off because it's all about the proportions. Once you get started with baggy garments, you can make countless combos, from combining too big with smaller garments to larger ones or the same size. As one can accommodate various looks with baggy clothes, these oversized fashion trends are here to stay.

Reasons to go Oversized

If you're looking to go “all the way” with the baggy look, you are at the right place. This blog is the answer to your questions, from learning how it became a fashion trend, to why you should go oversized.

  • The roomiest possible fit is the most fashion-forward and edgy outfit. One might think it would make you look bigger. If dressed right, it doesn't make you look fat. It makes your appearance slenderer as the clothes hang loosely. It's convenient and looks lovely. 
  • Less is more but big is bigger, so go big with bold accessories. Because girl, that would make you happy. Big tote bags and large-frame glasses are to not miss when you go for the oversized look.
  • It allows individuality evoking a sense of confidence and strength. One can easily make a statement with oversized outfits without being afraid as one should be cool about it. 
  • Don't be limited when it comes to styling your fits, mix and match everything you find and explore your style.
  • Don't just stick to big and loose combos, but try giving big on big a try, because it works. Loose trousers, an oversized hoodie, and cropped denim is a look you can't miss. 

Make it a Staple in your Wardrobe

This inclusive, body-positive fit offers comfort and style for people of all sizes. Now Beige has worked its way to create durable, long-lasting, high-quality oversized shirts for winters. And the collection is a worthwhile investment for any closet.

Secret to Effortless Fashion

The oversized trendy shirts can be pulled off by anyone. To attain a perfect fit, selection of the appropriate fit with matching parts is one way to go. But most importantly, you should know the secret to effortless fashion. Gone are the days when tight-fitted clothes were preferred over other styles. It has become a staple because of its versatility. From being dressed up or down, it tends to be the perfect choice for any occasion. Where you can pair an oversized shirt or top with straight pants or denims for a casual look, or dress up formally with an oversized blazer teamed with a pair of heels and some accessories.

Is this Style for Everyone?

To rock a baggy look, it's paramount to achieve a harmonious balance between the top and the bottom. Oversized clothes are twice as large as your actual size, so going too extreme can give a shapeless appearance. So, the trick is to choose the garments that maintain a proper sense of style. A pleasing look can be created by pairing an oversized hoodie with a well-fitted bottom. 

Moreover, always consider wearing tailored fits that can support the oversized top as tucking your T-shirt into your high-waisted pants that will define your waist. Accessorizing the outfit is never a bad option, cinching a belt around the waist to wearing cute earrings, and bracelets will add a touch of refinement to your overall look. 

Despite the drawbacks of not being able to find the right balance to fit, the trend is still growing, majorly because of the comfort and coziness that comes in the package. But remember not to drown in fabric, your goal should be to embrace a cool, relaxed fit to up your fashion game.

Winter Looks you must TRY!

To have a striking look we have rounded up a few looks for you to style.

Understated Look for the Office:

The oversized single-breasted lapel blazer and the wooden button detailing at the front is a must-have. The vintage 90s look this fit gives is love, top your look with a dress shirt, or a tucked-in top with high-waisted flared pants to give a slimming appearance. Complete the look with the beige’s finest jacket, it hits mid-thigh which makes it the perfect balancing choice for the fit. 

Oversize outfit for women

There are so many great ways to style the suit like this, just do some experimenting till you find your look!

Off-duty Days:

A smart yet comfortable and a perfect fit for a tropical day at the office or a coffee date with friends. Sometimes less is more. This effortless outfit just asks for a nice pair of loose solid trousers or jeans, an easy chequered oversized button-down shirt, and footwear according to the occasion. Create a harmonious look with matching shoes under and you're good to go. 

oversized shirt for women

However, you can always style by tucking in one side while leaving the other flow as is, or you can tie a knot around your waist to get a slimmer balanced look. A whole tucked-in look wouldn't look bad, so one can opt for it with rolled-up sleeves and a denim jacket on top. 

Rock those Plaid Pants:

No winter season can go without rocking plaid pants. Spice up your days with matchless patterns and color. Create a versatile look with plaid pants and a black top. Layer it up with a boyish chequered woolen shirt. The mid-thigh length of the button-down shirt gives the oversized look besides this, choose boots and a cross-body bag for an unbeatable look. 

Pants for Women

Cozy it up with the oversized coat:

What could be better than choosing to cozy up in a breathable oversized outfit when the temperature drops? When choosing oversized outerwear, you don't want to make a mistake by choosing something so big that you are drowning in it. But how do you choose one that doesn't look too frumpy? It's easier than it sounds, all you need to know is how to style it. One thing we all are sure of is how well-oversized garments and winters go together.

Oversized coat for women

Tips to Save!

Here are some cool tips and hacks you need to save. To create an elegant layered look, you can mix and match your top with different textures underneath as there's enough room for you to wear other garments with an oversized top. What you choose to wear under the outerwear helps define your look, therefore ensuring the right fabric and texture to balance the fit plays a part. Trousers, knitted tops, and belted dresses give a streamlined silhouette look. Oh, and remember to accessorize.

Whatever you choose to wear, own it and be confident about it. Save this blog and enjoy finding your style.