Affordable Trendy Trench Coats for Women in 2024

Cold mornings and winter nights call trench coats for a wardrobe upgrade. Fashion trends tend to ebb and flow, and with it styles that were once a trend make comebacks and evolve with time. Along with many others the oversized coats have made a resurgence in recent years.

Trench Coats - A Fashion Forward Tool

The garment you love to wear and hold onto forever. A prime example of a wardrobe staple that never gets out of fashion. The trench coat got its name during the 1870s when the trend got adapted to be worn in the trenches. But later with time the style evolved and was worn by the elites of the time. Since then it has been in fashion as it is considered a symbol of grace and splendor.

It's known for its versatility and functionality. Long trench coats are preferred in winters where their primary purpose is to shield you from the cold. Trench coats bring out the charm in you, from being lazy to not dressing up, the go-to style options would be to put on a nice long trench coat with front closure fastened regardless of what you're wearing underneath. But when it comes to a girl dressing up, she wouldn't want to miss looking classy, that is where the coat comes in paired with boots and a fabulous dress underneath.

Trench or Long Coat?

You may be wondering, why are we talking about trench coats when they are commonly called long coats. Well both are different in styles. While both can vary in length from being below the waist to reaching the ankles, the significant difference appears around the sleeves and belt. Where trench coats feature raglan sleeves and a belted waist, long coats have a boxier cut with set-in sleeves. Depending on the occasion both can be styled accordingly. 

Types of Women's Winter Coats

When it comes to womenswear, the options never end. From different types of fabrics to countless types of designs. The coats can be fitted, slightly loose or can be oversized. 

The versatility in the design and style makes it easy to style with almost anything. So this fit doesn't demand a whole outfit upgrade, anything from your closet will work well with the long coat. 

  • Trench Coats: Known for their water resistant properties and design featuring refined lapel and a belted waist. The most versatile and elegant piece of clothing which should be the first choice on rainy and chilly days. They are typically best suited for transitional seasons. 
  • Long Coats: If you need a full body coverage in winters but need the element of sophistication to it, long winter coats should be your top choice for formal events and cold nights.
  • Robe Coats: Also known as a wrap coat that can be worn by overlapping both the panels and wrapping the belt around the waist. The versatile coats that almost blend with any outfit and are suitable for almost every occasion. 
  • Cashmere Coats: The investment that can never go wrong. They are known for their exceptional warmth and classiness.
  • Wool Coats: Designed to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Staying warm yet stylish is what one needs especially when the temperature drops.

Some Amazing Picks Just for You!

Having a wardrobe with coats in winters is amazing but having them in various styles and colours are some brownie points for you. This grant certainly provides the benefit of building up some graceful looks. The unbeatable style statement one can make when dressed right is what we all want, don't we?

We have prepared a comprehensive guide where you can explore the best winter coats for women in all styles and colours, from coats that provide maximum warmth to versatile options. So stay stylish all season long with Beige’s new winter drop. 

Winter Outfits for Women by Beige

Looking for a change? Navy Blue Trench Coat is just what you need

How chic this coat is from Beige. Essentially designed with a loose fit, but if you consider sizing down, the coat comes with a belt that can be cinched around the waist. The heavy structure of the coat will keep you nice and warm in the cold weather. Fun fact, not just the coat but the colour also makes it the perfect transition choice. From seasonal to innerwear fit change, this coat is definitely the one if you are looking for a change.

Cozy up with the Mustard Wool Coat

This mustard coat is one to die for! Nothing can beat the gorgeous, high quality mustard coat from beige. One of the best things about mustard coats is you can either make it the outfit or wear it as an accessory over a pre-planned winter outfit. Therefore, woolen overcoats are an amazing outfit additions, because whether its classic or casual, this coat levels up any look.

Elevate your look with the Classic White Coat

The ultimate confidence booster, the white woolen coat guarantees a powerful look. The lush white looks super chic especially on the winter days. The statement piece is all in one because it elevates any outfit to red-carpet ready. To keep the fit simple, you can opt for a monochromatic look or can even add colours to it. The possibilities for styling this piece are endless. It's versatile, and you can dress up according to your personal style. So get ready to slay, all day, every day!.

The Perfect Corporate Fit

If you opt for light colours for a refined and elegant look, then this ivory coat is a must have.  Ivory feels fresh especially during the dreary days of january. Don an all pastel look, or take it down a notch by pairing it white and beige innerwear to add a generous dose of shine to it. This could be a perfect corporate outfit as well. A turtleneck will look fabulous with wide legged flared pants, if you are going for this look. But don't forget to make the fit office-friendly with  matching bag and boots. 

So whether you prefer a long lapelled overcoat or a tailored wool fashion coat, there are plenty of options to consider. The beige’s versatile collection has it all, so pick your favourite out of the winter collection and style it, the way you like.