Western Wear Essentials for Women

Western wear styles have always been at the forefront of the fashion district. From casual lunches with your peers to dressing up for a corporate world in style, Western silhouettes bring a timeless appeal to the table. The whole idea of mixing and matching chic western essentials and curating an altogether statement look brings about a very calming side to your day. Fortunately, nowadays, the western wardrobe has become well within reach in a country like Pakistan where only Eastern attires stood out in past.

We admire the fact that Western fashion lets you discover personal style in a way that is true to your identity. Also, such fashion really comes in handy with just a few essentials in your wardrobe. Yes, you heard it right! You don't have to let your closet overflow with a multitude of tops and pants.

Here is the trick before you figure out exactly which items need to go in your Western wardrobe:

Primary Hues & Complementary Shades in Western Wear

The right mix of base and accent colors is the main key to establishing a powerful wardrobe that is authentic to your true self. The key is to have a few basic colors like monochromes, warm neutrals, and some accents for a pop of color. Don’t go overboard with colors right at the start because curating a look with multiple options can be a daunting task. 6-9 colors is a good number especially if you are only a beginner at experimenting with your outfits.

Another way to about it is to categorize it into different categories ranging from cool tones to brighter tones. This will help you set a baseline for it.

Prints & Textures

Don’t just stick to considering one kind of design element when sorting your wardrobe. There’s always more to it. Figure out prints and textures that elevate your confidence and bring the best out of your energy. Adding eye-catching prints can add depth and more perspective to your style. Florals, stripes, geometric, and plaids are a few must-haves that no girl should miss out on.

Understand Your Style & Fit

Everybody's structure is different and there is no one-size-fits-all all approach in the realm of fashion. Understand your body and see which silhouettes and colors enhance your look. Another aspect is your style. Either you prefer more understated options or you really want to create a statement different from all.

Identify Your Lifestyle

We all have different ways to go about our day. Some of us are constantly working around the clock at home and work while some are simply more outgoing and social. Outfit needs for all categories largely vary. You will opt for something more comfortable and formal if you have a highly professional life. You might want to go for more dressy items if you have a very active social life. Figure out what works for you and then invest in items as per your lifestyle.

Quality Over Quantity

The more the merrier is a misconception when it comes to curating your wardrobe. More choices can be overwhelming. Stylists would always recommend having fewer but impactful items in your closet. Mix and match them in a way that it turns into a new outfit every single time.

Spring Clean

Last, but not the least! Many people might not tell you this but this is crucial for when you wish to fit in newer articles in your wardrobe. Let that old energy out and create space for fresh articles. Not only does the wardrobe look great this way but it will also elevate your spirit. It will give you a sense of satisfaction that is incomparable.

Western Essentials for Women

Don't know what exactly to buy? Well, not really a big deal because we have it all figured out for you.  Fortunately, Pakistan now has multiple brands including Beige have come up with a minimal and smart range of western wear for women in Pakistan.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are a must-have to add depth to your look of the day. Whether in summer or winter, tank tops will always have some kind of usability to offer. One can layer a well-fitted tank top with smart button-downs, blazers, coats, and so much more. Tank tops come in various textures and styles so you can pull of a layered look tailored to your personal style.

Button-down Tops

Money spent on button-down tops in any color is money not wasted. It’s an investment and basically, a really great one. You can find such tops in solid colors ranging from warm neutrals to popping tones of neon. Ideally, you should have plain ones and slightly embroidered designs in your closet to keep you covered for various occasions. Also, appropriate styling of such tops brings a huge wonder to your outfit of the day. These shirts can be paired with sleek pants, culottes and even denim. Pakistani western wear brands like Beige have quite a few options for modest button-down tops. Our favourite is a tea pink full-sleeved resort shirt which by the way is on a very good sale nowadays.

Tea Pink Full Sleeves Resort Shirt


Culottes will forever remain versatile and timeless. The one clothing article we believe will never run out of fashion. Having culottes in neutral colors including black, white, and beige is more than essential for your wardrobe. You can pair them up with multiple tops. Also, culottes go hand in hand with the ongoing season because of their matchless comfort, effortlessness, and freedom of movement. Definitely, giving the best of both worlds. 


Blazers exude confidence like no other and it’s a fashion statement you must not ignore. For us, blazers are a symbol of power, sophistication, and timelessness. Blazers are made for you if you are a corporate girl always ready to ace the day with your composed and nonchalant vibe. You can also pull them off for a rather casual look by pairing them up with smart denim and t-shirts. Also, we need to let go of the idea that blazers can only be sported in winter for a layered look. It looks just as cool in summer. For shoes, you can go for stilettos or boots depending on the type of look you wish to achieve.

Co-ord Sets

Co-ord sets are a wardrobe staple in the modern world for a perfectly put-together and cohesive look. We love them for the minimal effort in styling them. Co-ord sets allow you enough freedom to pull the look as is or style it up with other items in your wardrobe. For working women, it's a time and life-saver when they are juggling a myriad of tasks in the morning. Again, Beige by Dandy has an array of season-friendly co-ord sets which you must check out. The green co-ord set is super appropriate for the season.

 Green Co-ord Set

Denim Pants

From classic blue denim to uniquely washed tones, we have always admired a perfectly put-up denim look. It's all on you whether you want to create an understated look or go for a more fashion-forward approach. Denim is definitely made for all occasions. We suggest investing in bootcut and flared cuts which have been quite in trend for the past few years.


Once you get your hands on these must-have Western items, it will become way easier to create styles. Be fearless in letting your creativity flow when you are putting together your favourite pieces. We are sure you will nail every look with great power and a unique spirit.

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