Women’s Shirts | Western Wear Trends that will Make Heads Turn

Do you often get confused between fashion and comfort? Do you love looking sharp while staying comfortable in your shirts? Well, who said fashion and comfort can't come together?

With the ever-evolving trends, Beige has worked with the vision to offer comfortable wear that reflects our cultural values following Western wear trends.

Because we believe that clothes you wear express your style and if the clothing is comfortable, it is no less than a plus point. And for Beige your choice, physical comfort, and well-being is important to us!

How Can You Balance Western Wear Fashion Trend and Comfort Together?

Comfort and fashion can vary depending on the occasion and setting. However, on certain occasions, the question arises, “How willing are you to sacrifice?”. Because some looks require fashion over comfort.

So which person are you? For you to understand your ideal type, you need to find which outfits help you with self-expression and boost your confidence. Once it's clear, you're just a step away from setting a sartorial wardrobe standard.

Dress up Your Closet with These 6 Gorgeous Shirts!

Here are some shirts that can improve your comfort and fashion. From casual to formal, the oversized comfy shirts, are all in one place. We can begin by delving a bit deeper into each one!

The Flawless White

White, the undeniable allure of perfection. There are countless reasons why white should be a wardrobe staple for every woman. White highlights and enhances everything, not just this but when worn it reflects lights up by highlighting your face and eyes. Beyond that, the flowy fit gives a confident relaxed look.

Silky and Comfy Whites:

This silky fabric, with a lapel collar, visible buttoned placket and buttoned cuff full sleeves is a look to opt for. The best thing about this colour is that you can make any combination with a colour of your choice, and it will leave a lasting impact.

Here are a few combos you can opt for: 

You can style it with these for a formal look:

Bottoms by Beige

Self-print shirts, Why Not?

Plain shirts can never get out of style but self-print and jacquard shirts are the new trend. Flaunt your outfit with this flawless white jacquard casual shirt. The button-down collar with the fine dart detailing on the front, back and cuffs make it more attractive. So, make a statement with this Chic, classy outfit.

These two fabrics are a must-have, you can style them differently with these wide-legged bottom wear if you're looking for an actual look:

Bottoms by Beige

Black Shirts

Whoever said this, said it right. This colour comes with a wide range of symbolic meanings. From styling a full head-to-toe black outfit to using it as an ideal base for a rocking chic elegant look. There are countless ways to style a black outfit, all you need is to accessories it with jeweler, cardigans, and right-bottom wear to complete the outfit.

Flowy Blacks, Got Your Back:

Comfy Baggy Styles, You Can't-Miss:

These oversized baggy shirts are the love of our dreams, the boxy fit casual wear, with two patch pockets at the front, high to low front and the back shirt is the best choice for a comfortable lifestyle choice. When you don't want to put too much effort into styling these loose clothes serve a lot more. Anyone can rock the baggy comfy style apparel.

But when it comes to baggy clothes you can't afford to skip these:

  • Details are important, and these act as a focal point. So make sure to get the prints, patterns and fabric you're more comfortable with
  • Who doesn't want structural balance when it comes to clothes, comfort is one thing but being presentable is something you can't risk, even if you go for baggy make sure it's not unstructured or shapeless, as that will ruin the look when worn.
  • Accessories with the right choice of clothing you're layering your clothes and keep sure to balance the skin-to-cloth ratio to achieve a fabulous look.

Classic Mandarin Collar Shirt

Having blacks is something one can't help, but variety in style is something you cannot overlook. Wearing different designs and patterns makes you look classy and makes you stand out even if it is that one monochromatic colour that you wear frequently.

This black mandarin collared shirt, with fine triple stitch detailing, boxy fit bent fabric, two chest pockets, button-down shirt with long sleeves will radiate your style. This is the definite chic ensemble.

Charming Printed Shirts

Looking to add a pop of personality to your closet? You're in the right place, explore your favorite prints, from florals to quirky designs and make an ultimate fashion statement.

Silhouette and Prints:

From vacay leafy notch collared shirts and playful polka baggy relaxed fit to tying easy knots to spice up the look with drop shoulder flowy shirts.

The Strip Shirts

The shirt of your Wishlist. A timeless striped shirt you can wear all around the year. From bold candy stripes and hairline stripes to alternating Bengal stripes is a great choice for a smarter fashion style.

Floral to Flower Shirts

Floral a print-on-print outfit. Though it's common to find these types of shirts, make sure the base or background colour matches the florals on top and compliments each other giving an informal funky look on needs. These tops when paired correctly make you look sharper.

How to Dress Up for Different Occasions?

Here are a few tips to achieve both according to the common settings you often dress up for.

  • For Casual Setting

One can always priorities comfort over style when it comes to casual wear. From Wearing loose-fitted quirky clothes made with breathable fabric to wearing baddy oversized shirts accessorized with some jewelry and matching footwear, keeping your fashion statement intact.

  • For Formal Occasions

Formal events require a more presentable and structured look. But these individuals can choose comfort by choosing outfits made from premium quality fabric, or high-end clothing that allows ease of movement along with giving off an overall stylish look.

  • For Office Wear

This setting demands you to look professional and competent. It requires appropriate clothing choice that is presentable, classy and comfortable.

  • For Travelling

Long travels can be exhausting, and if the choice of clothes isn't appropriate, it causes discomfort. However, if you're a fashion-forward woman, you do not need to worry about picking one out of fashion or comfort.

Because you can incorporate both by balancing them according to the setting. Choose for comfortable breathable wearables that are versatile and stylish. Mix and match different colours and choose your footwear accordingly.

Ending Thoughts!

Style confidently and breathe instead of causing yourself discomfort by constantly checking up on yourself. Own your clothes and don't let them own you!